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3000+ full movies available for download. You can download all movies on your hard drive, so they will be available for you even if you cancel your membership!!
New movies are constantly ripped and uploaded to the library as they are released, new movies added each day!
All movies are located on ultra-fast dedicated servers for QUICK downloads!
You can use a Download Manager so you can download while you sleep and get faster downloads.
Extremely easy, fast and secure to sign up and start downloading your movies!


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Database Statistics

Total dvds: 951 Total scenes: 543 Total hours: 2110

Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

  1. What is Maniac DVDs?

  2. Maniac DVDs is one of the world's largest adult DVD sites offering the best choice of both classic and brand new porn DVDs at amazingly low prices. Our members enjoy numerous benefits of our online DVD catalogue including DVD descriptions, previews, digital screenshots, casts, studio and pornstar lists, convenient categorization and search, favorites list, bonus content and more. With Maniac DVDs Pass you'll never have to purchase or rent DVDs again because here you can download hundreds of those at the price of just one!

  3. Can I really download all your DVDs for as low as $0.67 per day?

  4. Your Maniac DVDs membership gives you full access to our whole collection of full porn DVDs which means that as long as your membership is valid you can download each and every video we have here without any limitations. There are no extra charges, no DRM and no restrictions as to downloading the videos. All you need is one pass to gain access to gigabytes of top-quality porn content.

  5. What's the quality of your videos?

  6. Each video is available in three versions:
    High WMV (640x480, 2500 KBPS - ideal for cable/DSL/T1);
    Medium WMV (480x360, 1024 KBPS - ideal for dialup or slower broadband);
    Low WMV (320x240, 512 KBPS - ideal for dialup or 56K).

    You can always choose the one that best fits your own preferences and/or Internet connection speed or, say, download the smaller vids first and then decide whether or not to download the highest quality version for your porn collection.

    You can find a short sample clip that demonstrates the quality of our videos here.

  7. What are the hardware/system requirements to play your movies?

  8. We convert all of our videos into the world's most popular WMV format, so all you need to view them is a standard Windows Media Player. If you experience problems with playing the videos you can read about system requirements and download the latest version of Windows Media Player 11 here.

  9. How often do you add new DVDs?

  10. We add at least one new DVD every day with the ones requested by our members being a top priority. You can find a list of the upcoming additions here.

  11. What if a DVD I'm looking for is not in your database?

  12. We do our best to add DVDs and series requested by our members. If there's a DVD or Series you would like to see at Maniac DVDs, please feel free to write us and we will put our every effort to purchase and add these videos to our porn collection asap.

  13. What about my privacy. How will I be billed?

  14. All online payments are managed by third party billing companies. Here is the list of online billing processors we currently use:

    Please also note that we do complain to billing companies about customers who have a "bad" subscription history: several refunds, chargebacks, etc. So if your card doesn't work anymore for subscription, this can be a result of your chargeback in the past.

    The site name and link won't appear on your account statement. The data that was recorded when you signed up is used by our tech support to contact you (via email only) and we won't ever sell or give away your personal information or send any mail to your postal address.

  15. How much does Maniac DVDs membership cost?

  16. You can purchase a one-month Maniac DVDs membership for $29.95 ($0.99/day recurring every 30 days) or a 3-months membership for $59.95($0.67/day non-recurring). Your membership gives you full unlimited access to all of our DVDs and bonus sites for a respective period. If you don't want your membership to renew automatically you can easily cancel it here.

  17. Are there any restrictions?

  18. With your Maniac DVDs membership you can download each and every video from our huge porn collection. There are absolutely NO restrictions for both the total number of videos you download and the number of videos you download simultaneously. You are allowed to use download managers for multiple transfers, so the only limit is your bandwidth.

  19. Do you have any special bonuses for your members?

  20. Your Maniac DVDs membership also gives you free access to more than 40 exclusive pornsites.

Access questions

  1. Looks like I lost my password. How can I retrieve it?

  2. Go to and follow the link to your Billing Processor's lookup page. If you still have certain info about your subscription, your username, password and all other data will be sent to you via e-mail. Please, note that they are sent to the address you've entered during the subscription. If you've managed to enter your e-mail address incorrectly, contact our Support Service.

  3. How long do I have to wait until my login works for the members area?

  4. After you've completed the registration you will receive an email with your login, password and other registration info. As soon as your registration is complete you can login and enjoy all the benefits of Maniac DVDs.

  5. I didn't receive my login information. What can I do?

  6. In this case you should use your Billing Processor's lookup. Go to for a list of Billing Processors and links to their Lookup Pages or contact our Support Service and provide your complete registration information (especially your registration e-mail).

  7. What if my password suddenly stopped working?

  8. Make sure your subscription period didn't end yesterday. If you are sure it didn't it is probably that your account was locked for some reason. The most common reason for this is password sharing. If there is a suspicion that other people enter the site using your username and password, your account gets locked and your current subscription gets canceled. In this case you should contact our Support Service to unlock your account, though if the accident recurs your account will be closed permanently.

  9. I'm not prompted to enter my username and password during the subscription and thus can't enter the site (AKA "my PC bluescreened when I was prompted to enter my username and password").

  10. Contact us as soon as possible and we will assign you the username and password. Don't forget to tell us some info about your subscription so that we could identify you correctly.

  11. I want to cancel my recurring subscription.

  12. Just go to the Cancel subscription section and fill the form. Your subscription will be cancelled instantly.

    In case you don't have the necessary info, please send a request with your username and sitename from contact form and your subscription will be cancelled by our support team in 48 hours. Please, note that you should do this in advance, not in the last hours before the next billing date.

    Remember, you have to know your subscription number to cancel the subscription online.

Video playing questions

  1. What should I get to play your movies correctly?

  2. All you need to view our videos is a standard Windows Media Player. If you experience problems with playing the videos you can read about system requirements and download the latest version of Windows Media Player 11 here.

    If you still experience problems with playing the videos, please feel free to contact our Support Service using this form.

  3. I have a MAC. How can I play your movies?

  4. If you have MAC you can download and install Windows Media Player 9 for Mac OS X to play our videos. You can read about Windows Media Player 9 for Mac OS X and download its latest version here.

  5. How can I make Windows Media Player my default player?

  6. You can easily set that up on your own by following the easy steps on this page.

Download questions

  1. How do I download the DVD movies?

  2. There are different methods for downloading the movies, but the most effective one is the Right Click Method. To download a movie you need to Right-Click on the movie link and then select "Save target as". You'll be prompted to choose a place to store the movie on your Hard Drive (remember where you download it of course!), and then the download will start. Once the download is completed you can play the video by simply double-clicking on the file. Please, note that if you left-click on the link, your media player will generally pop up, and then you won't be able to save the movie to your hard drive (and for some media players, you won't be able to even view the movie). If you encounter any difficulties viewing the movies after downloading them, please read the questions concerning video playing.

  3. What are your server's uptime an download speed?

  4. We keep our content on several powerful and reliable servers to guarantee almost 100% uptime and provide the highest download speed. In order to give our members even more flexibility in downloading the videos we cut each DVD into scenes, so that you can download a certain scene faster and without having to download the whole DVD.

  5. Can I use Download Managers?

  6. You can use download managers to download several videos at a time or do scheduled downloads when you are AFK.

  7. When I try to download, the Windows Media Player pops up, but the video never starts. What can I do?

  8. Make sure the movie is already downloaded to your hard drive before you try playing it (see "How do I download the DVD movies" question above for details on downloading the videos). If it's already downloaded, double-click on the movie file to play it. If you only have sound or video, you will probably need to download the proper codec to play the movies.

  9. When I left-click to play a .wmv scene, it doesn't start Windows Media Player. What can I do?

  10. The WMV format is best viewed with Windows Media Player, but some other applications can also play this format. However, some applications also take over this format but are unable to play it (such as Win Amp, Real Player, etc.). To fix this problem, set up the .wmv format to be viewed through Windows Media Player. To do this with Windows XP, just right-click on a wmv file and then select "Open with" and then, "Choose the program". Finally, select Windows Media Player and check the box "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file". If this doesn't work, you can also try updating your Windows Media Player here.

If you have any further questions, comments or suggestions, encounter problems not mentioned here or wish to request a DVD, please feel free to contact our 24/7 Support Service at any time!

All models were at least 18 years old when they were photographed.
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